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PLEASE NOTE - "I am taking a break from selling plants this year to pursue other projects. One of which will be to add an comprehensive database of herbs and their uses to this site. This will be published by the summer 2007. Sorry for any inconvenience" Lauren Rayner

Ornamentals - Latin Name First - A to Z

(Alcea rosea) Hollyhock
A common cottage garden plant. It is a herbaceous perennial growing to 1.2 metres. It has very tall spikes of large flowers. The flower colour on these plants will be varied and some may have double flowers.

Aquilegia Alpine Blue
A hardy perennial and a native of Switzerland. grows to 30 " tall and has bright blue flowers. Grow in full sun or dappled shade.

(Bellis perrenis)Double Daisy
A double flowered daisy. Plant are very compact with short, strong flower stems that set buds uniformly. grows to 5 inches tall.

(cucurbita sp.) Bird House Gourd: This is the gourd grown in the United States to make birdhouses. Why not try making your own! A very easy to grow and fast growing vine that will very quickly cover any fence and will keep on growing upwards until the frost kills it. The gourds hanging on the vine are very ornamental. To make birdhouses, leaves the gourds to ripen on the vine as long as possible.Wait until the stem turns brown, but harvest before frost. The fruit bruises easily, so handle it carefully. Cut the stems 2-3 inches above the fruit with a sharp knife, and dry off any moisture. Most gourds will need some indoor drying time before they are ready to use. Wipe them down with a weak bleach solution and lay them out in a well-ventilated area to dry. Gourds are completely dry when the seeds rattle around inside. Small gourds will dry in less than a month, and large ones can take up to six months. If mold appears during the drying process, scrape it off with a knife. Thin-shelled gourds dry best when hung in a mesh bag. Once the gourds are completely dry, remove the thin outer shells with steel wool. Now your gourds are ready to decorate. Use a wax or varnish for protection.Quantity available:20

Digitalis ferruginea
A hardy perennial native to Turkey. In summer it has 4 ft tall spikes of dark brown flowers which have reddish veins. Needs a position in full sun.

(Digitalis purpurea) Foxglove
A native wild flower of Europe and is seen in many people's gardens. It is a lovely biennial plant with evergreen foliage and in it's second year produces tall spikes of funnel shaped flowers. Flowers come in shades of cream, pink , light purple and dark purple. Some flowers are spotted. These plants are already one year old and are ready to be planted and will flower this spring.

(Echinops tienschanicum)
Hardy perennial. Elegant and striking, with large spiny, ball shaped flower heads that stand proudly on tall, strong stems. When flowers are over, attractive seed heads remain giving structure to the backs of mixed beds and borders. Loved by bees and beneficial insects. Grows to a height of 72in. (180cm) and a spread of 40in. (100cm).Needs full sun and prefers a well drained soil, but will grow in virtually any good garden soil.

(Echium candicans) Pride of Madeira
A half hardy shrub growing to 6 ft tall.. Has masses of bright blue flower spikes in June/July. It is not totally hardy and will need frost protection in the winter. Needs a well drained soil and a position in full sun.

(Echium pininana) Giant Echium
This is the giant of the echiums, with the flower spike reaching 15ft. It is a quick growing, rather tender perennial with large exotic leaves. In it's first winter, keep in a greenhouse or conservatory. The following spring, plant outside in a sheltered spot.

(Echium pinninana 'Snow Tower')Giant White Flowered Echium
Rare white-flowered form of this popular garden giant! The cascades of tightly-packed florets appear in the second year from the silver-green rosette and can reach an incredible height of 15 ft tall!

Echium wildpretii
A half hardy biennial plant that will grow to a giant size of 6-10 ft tall. This is a rare echium from tenerife. Has a huge fat spike of tightly packed crimson flowers. needs a very well drained soil and a sunny position. In the colder parts of the country, it may be better to take the plant inside during the winter for the first year and plant outside the following spring.

(Fescue,Blue)Blue Fescue 'Select'
This low-growing, ornamental form of turf grass. It forms clumps of silvery blue, arched foliage. Plants are topped with one-sided spikes of pale flowers in Summer. An attractive accent plant for landscaping borders, rock gardens and mass plantings.

(Geum flore plena 'Blazing Sunset') Geum 'Blazing Sunset'
A striking variety. Hardy herbaceous perennial. Prolific, early flowering, fully double scarlet flowers up to 50% larger than other varieties, over a long period. Fantastic in the border and cottage garden, and a dazzling cut flower. Flowers all summer. Height. 60cm (24 inches).

Haloragis erecta x 'Wellington Bronze'
A half hardy perennial. Is an ornamental foliage plant and makes a wonderful ground cover. It has bronze leaves and yellow- green flowers.

Heuchera 'Stormy Seas'
A wonderful foliage plant having dark red leaves with darker coloured veins. It is a hardy evergreen perennial clump forming plant. During the summer, it has sprays of white flowers. Very pretty. Being evergreen, it makes a nice foliage plant during the winter months. Prefers a well drained soil in either full sun or partial shade.

A native of Yugoslavia. This is a half hardy perennial herb with very showy white mallow-like flowers . The leaves are vine-like and a light green colour. It can reach 10 ft. high.

Kunzea baxteri
An evergreen shrub native to western Australia. Related to the Bottlebrushes and has similar flowers to that of the Bottlebrushes. Grows to 2-3 metres tall in its native land, but here in England, it is best grown in a pot and taken in for the winter as it is not fully hardy.

(Lophospermum erubescens) Creeping Gloxinia
A tender, ornamental perennial climber which is suitable for the conservatory or heated greenhouse. Has pretty triangular shaped leaves that are quite large(6" across)and large pink trumpet-like flowers that are produced over a long period. When grown in a conservatory, it will usually lose it's leaves in the winter.

Melianthus comosus
An ornamental shrub from south Africa growing to 2 metres tall. has unusual reddish brown flowers in spring. Very attractive foliage. its relative, Melianthus major, has proved to be almost hardy in Britain. I am not sure how hardy this one will be, but can easily be grown in a container and taken indoors for the winter.

(Melianthus major) Honey bush
Large leaved tropical looking plant from south Africa. It has tall spires of deep red flowers in winter and early spring. highly ornamental. Almost hardy. The flowers produce a very sweet, honey-like nectar which is used in south America to make drinks and to sweeten foods, though the nectar is not produced in great quantities in this country. Grows best in a well drained soil.if grown in fertile soil, it will produce lots of foliage at the expense of flowers. A quick growing shrub reaching 3 metres and having a 3 metres spread.

Melianthus villosus
Another relative of Melianthus major which has proved to be almost hardy in this country. Not sure how hardy this one will be, but can always be grown in a pot and taken in for the winter. This one has attractive grey green foliage and unusual purple flowers which looks like insects. Needs a well drained soil. A poorer soil will make the plant have more flowers, while a rich soil will make the plant have more leaf growth.

Oenothera campylocalyx
A beautiful plant having long dark green foliage. In summer it has lots of large tangerine colour flowers. Grows 12-15 inches tall.

Oenothera glazioviana
This is a hardy biennial herb growing to 1-1.5 metres tall. A native of north America. Has light green leaves and red spotted stems. In summer, it has pretty bright yellow flowers.

(Papaver orientalis)Oriental Poppy
A hardy perennial poppy . Has enormous deep red flowers from early summer to mid summer. full sun/ partial shade. any good garden soil.Native to W. Asia - Armenia, N.E. Iran, and Turkey. The seeds are edible and can be used in cooking and baking.

(Paulownia tomentosa ) Foxglove tree
A tropical tree growing to 15 metres tall in its native land. Has extra large heart-shaped leaves and beautiful blue or purple flowers which resemble a Foxglove's flowers. A half hardy tree. These can be coppiced every year to produce huge leaves up to 1 metre across.

(Phytolacca) Pokeberry
A hardy perennial plant/herb native of north America. Can grow to a giant size of 4 metres(4ft) tall by 1 metre wide. Has red stems large leaves which are 12" long. from mid summer to early autumn, it has many pink or white flowers in racemes. These are followed by attractive black berries in autumn. These berries are highly toxic if ingested

(No Latin name entry) See common name entry for R

(Sedum spectabile) Ice Plant 'Autumn Joy'
An attractive, large leaved succulent plant. Has attractive large pink flowers from September to October. It is well know as being a wild life attractor. Makes a good ground cover. This is a hardy perennial growing to 0.4m. A very easily grown and tolerant plant, it succeeds in most soils but prefers a fertile well-drained soil .

(Solanum pseudocapsicum) Jeruselum Cherry
A tender shrub and makes a great house plant with its ornamental bright red berries. The berries, however are quite toxic, so make sure it is well out of reach of small children and animals. Needs a position in full sun. Should be planted in rich, well drained potting soil and kept moist through the growing season.

(Solanum laciniantum) Kangaroo Apple
This lovely, architectural shrub is a native of New Zealand and Australia. It grows from 5 to 7 ft. tall and has dark greenish purple foliage. From spring to autumn it has large purple flowers flowers by egg shaped, bright orange fruits. The fruits are edible and used to make sauces and jams. Although they can be eaten raw, they taste best after being cooked. it is a fast growing perennial, but can be grown as an annual in this country as it doesn't usually withstand the winter frosts. Medicinally, it contains a substance which is used in the production of steroids.

(No Latin name entry) See common name entry for T

(No Latin name entry) See common name entry for U

Verbascum chaixii
This is a perennial having slender spires of small flowers from June to August. It is an erect evergreen perennial. Grows to 100cm.

(Verbena bonariensis) Brazilian vervain
A hardy perennial growing to 3.5ft tall. It is clump forming and self seeds freely. In summer it has clusters of tiny rose -violet flowers held on top of tall stems. Blooms from mid summer to fall. Needs a well drained soil in a sunny location.

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